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Consultancy Services-Science

Deccan Education Society’s
Consultancy Services
Department of B. Sc. & B. Voc. Animation
Sr. No. Areas of Consultancy Details
1 Media and Entrainment 2d Animation
2 E-Learning 3D Animation
3 VFX, Illustration, Game Design, Animate Short movies, Motion Graphics 3d Walk-Through, Video Editing, Compositing, Flash Animation, Stop motion animation
4 Advertising Agency Branding
5 Pre-Press Industry Brochure Design, Stationary Design, Graphic Design, Logo Design, Packaging Design
Name and Details of the Contact Person:
Prasad Shukla
Department of B. Voc. Media and Communication
Sr. No. Areas of Consultancy Details
1 Video Production (Pre- Post production) Short film, (Fiction & Non-fiction), Corporate films, Education Films, Ad films, Training videos, Face book videos, Product videos
2 Pre production: Script Writing, Content writing Fiction & Non- Fiction
3 Photography / Videography Feature Film, Ad film, Short film, Wedding Shoot/ Photography
4 Social Media Marketing Facebook, Instagram, You Tube
5 Post Production: Video Editing Final cut pro, Adobe premier
6 Media Research
7 Public Relation & Advertising
8 Audio Production Radio Advertising
Name and Details of the Contact Person:
Shri.Swapnil Kamble
Department of Biotechnology
Sr. No. Areas of Consultancy Details
1 Soil analysis Physico Chemical and Microbiological
2 Testing of Potability of water Bacteriological
3 Microbial analysis of food samples Basic analysis (e.g. coliform count)
4 Training programme for use of Foldscope Use and applications
5 Training programmes in Tissue Culture techniques. Will be designed as per requirement
6 Training programmes in Molecular Biology techniques Will be designed as per requirement
7 Training programme in basic Bioinformatics.
8 Training programme in use of Bench top Fermenter From Screening to use lab Scale Fermenter for a product
9 Content analysis of Medicines Validation of the mentioned contents
Name and Details of the Contact Person
Dr. Sonali Joshi
Department of Chemistry
Sr. No. Areas of Consultancy Details
1 Analytical Chemistry
Soil and water analysis
Food adulteration analysis
Spectroscopic Analysis:
1. Infrared (IR)
2. Ultraviolet (UV)
3. Atomic Absorption (AA)
4. Flame Photometer
Separation and Analysis: 1. Gas chromatography (GC)
2. High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)
Cyclic Voltametry (CV)
Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA)
2 Biochemistry Nutrient and Phytochemical analysis
Antioxidant and antimicrobial activities
Basic cell culture and PCR
3 Organic Chemistry Process Development
Process Improvement
Project Management
Medicinal chemistry
Name and Details of the Contact Person:
Shri. Shridhar Vhankate
Department of Computer Science
Sr. No. Areas of Consultancy Details
1 Corporate Training Company requires training session to be conducted for their employees.
Training sessions can be offered in various areas such as –
  • Operating Systems
  • Programming Languages
  • Databases
  • Data Analytics
  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Science
  • Web Development
2 Live Projects Our students can contribute in Live project development.
As company requires students to develop small scale tools for their existing project.
3 Development of Test
cases for Live Projects.
Students can contribute in developing test cases for testing applications developed by companies.
6 Research Consultancy Our teachers can provide consultancy for writing and presenting research papers and posters.
Name and Details of the Contact Person:
Dr. Kavita A. Khobragade
Department of Electronic Science
Sr. No. Areas of Consultancy
1 Smart system design, networking and applications
2 Embedded Systems & Machine Vision
3 Semiconductor devices , Digital Systems, Verilog & Instrumentation
4 Matlab and Simulink, Embedded C Programming , Lab view programming
5 Power Electronic Systems and Industrial Automation.
6 WSN, Embedded system, Python Programming & IOT
7 16-bit / 32 Microcontroller Systems and Application, DSP & RTOS
8 Digital System Implements using CPLD / FPGA, 8- bit Microcontroller System & Communication
9 Electronic Instrumentation Networking , Mathematical Modelling
10 Electronic System Design Prototyping and Troubleshooting Microcontrollers.
11 Consumer Electronics, Electronic Circuit Designing and Troubleshooting
12 Industrial Automation and PLC Programming.
Name and Details of the Contact Person:
Dr. Nitin Kulkarni
Department of Environmental Science
Sr. No. Areas of Consultancy Details
1 Water Quality monitoring Monitoring of physicochemical water quality parameters like pH, conductivity, Total Hardness, Ca and Mg hardness, Chlorides, Alkalinity, Phosphates , Sulphates , Nitrates, Dissolved oxygen, Sodium , Potassium , Chemical oxygen Demand, MPN etc.
2 Soil Quality monitoring pH, conductivity, N,P,K, organic matter, organic carbon, etc.
3 Noise Monitoring Annoyance Score, Equivalent Noise level
4 Air Quality Monitoring Particulate matter and gases in Ambient Environment
5 Biodiversity Monitoring Field survey planning and assessment Assessment of avian and reptilian diversity.
6 GIS consultation Forest Mapping, Water quality mapping, soil quality mapping. Land Use Land Cover Maps. Change Detection.
Name and Details of the Contact Person:
Smt. Rupali Gaikwad
Department of Geology
Sr. No. Areas of Consultancy Details
1 Hydrogeology Hydrogeological & geological survey & mapping for different Groundwater & Rain Water Harvesting related problems
2 Electrical Resistivity Survey for Groundwater & other purposes
3 Gemmology Gem identification and certification
4 Petrographic analysis of thin sections of rocks Identification of various igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rock types. Detailed report with photographs of thin sections
Name And Details Of The Contact Person:
Dr. Tanuuja Marathe
Department of Microbiology
Sr. No. Areas of Consultancy Details
1 Biocomposting and personalized fertilizers Use of lignin and cellulose degraders to improve quality of compost and reduce the time required for composting. Use of herbal extracts to improve quality of compost. Soil analysis to identify lacunae in soil fertility and provide personalized soil fertility solutions.
2 Testing antimicrobial activity of samples Using standard laboratory cultures both Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria as well as fungal cultures antibacterial and antifungal activity can be determined and quantified.
3 Soil analysis As per standard protocols soil analysis facility can be provided, especially with respect to microbial load.
4 Provision of bacterial cultures Bacterial cultures isolated and identified using standard biochemical and morphological analysis can be provided.
5 Water analysis Water samples can be tested for their potability
6 Biofertilizers Biofertilizer formulations can be provided for application in gardens, landscaping and fields.
Name and Details of the Contact Person:
Smt. Meghana Kulkarni
Department of Physics
1 Overseas scholarships and admissions for MS and PhD courses abroad.
2 Setting up Astronomy Observatory at school and college level.
3 Enhancing Leadership qualities among undergraduate students.
4 Enhancing Science education at primary and secondary school level including teachers training.
5 Consultancy regarding National Olympiad programs in all (science) subjects for XIth and XIIth students including National Graduate Examination in Physics.
6 Project ideas and project report writing for postgraduates and undergraduate students.
7 Research proposals writing.
8 Energy audit of educational institutions.
Name and Details of the Contact Person:
Dr. Raka Dabhade
Department of Statistics
Sr. No. Areas of Consultancy Details
1 Statistical Quality contro Industrial statistics, Control charts, Process Capability etc
2 Reliability and Survival analysis Reliability of system, components, Life time data analysis.
3 Regression analysis Simple and Multiple Regression models, Polynomial and logistic Regression models.
4 Applied Statistics
5 Data analysis using R-software
6 Statistical data analysis required in the field of biology , physiotherapy medical sciences , agricultural science , industrial field etc. for researchers Techniques such as Regression , design of experiments , time series , statistical testing using R / SPSS.
7 Statistical data analysis of various research projects in different fields such as finance , economics, microbiology , biotechnology, psychology ,agriculture , etc Techniques such as Regression , statistical modeling, design of experiments , Time series , statistical testing using R / SPSS.
Name and details of the contact Person :
Shri.Subhash Shende
Department of Zoology
Sr. No. Areas of Consultancy Details
1 Animal Bio-diversity Mapping Western Ghats is having rich animal biodiversity hotspot therefore mapping of this biodiversity is necessary because of the variations in the biodiversity due to human interferons, deforestation, industrialization, civilization, construction. Therefore the mapping is necessary and this facility can be provided by experts of the departments.
2 Soil Analysis The soil very imp biological factors pertaining to agriculture, industrialization and civilization. Therefor the analysis of these biotic factors is having its own importance. Therefor this analysis facility can be provided by experts of the departments.
3 Water Analysis Analysis of physical, chemical and bio logical parameters of samples from Pune could be done to understand the level or extinct of pollution as well as the quality of water to start pisciculture / use it in agricultural field/ for drinking purposes etc.
Name and Details of the Contact Person:
Dr. Kishor Pendharkar