National Service Scheme (NSS)

It is a community service program sponsored by the Ministry of HumanResources Development, Department ofYouth Affairs and Sports, Government of India. The Motto of the NSS is 'Not Me But You' and theobjectives of the NSS is the development of the personality of students through community services.NSS unit of Fergusson College was established in 1975 witharound 50 volunteers. Presently, the NSS unit of Fergusson college (Autonomous) affiliated with Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU)Pune, isconsistsof 300 volunteers with more than 50%participation offemale volunteers.

Activities of the NSS unit

The activities of the NSS are always encouragesvolunteerstounderstand community, to imbibe good relationship with society, national integration and to increase awareness about social issues. The activities are divided into mainly two parts

Regular Activities

A special one day programme ‘AMRUTVARSHA’ has been organised every year where NSS volunteers helps farmers in rice plantation in nearby village during rainy season.Every year, NSS volunteers welcomes thereturn PALKHI of SANT TUKARAM MAHARAJ at college main gateand serves Warkari’s with great enthusiasm. Also, every year a friendship camp has been organised withan aim to create a sense of friendship and team spirit amongst the volunteers. Also, 24th of September is celebrated at college as National Service Scheme (NSS) Day.Every year on Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti, 2nd October, a cleaning campaign has been carried throughout a week.

PalakhiSwagat :AshadhiVari Returning Palakhi of Sant Tukaram Maharaj from Pandharpur

AllNSS volunteers are divided into 7 different sub groups named as Shikshanvivek, Yuvamitra, Aarogya, Paryavaran, Varasa, Aadhar and Vidnyanprasar. Every group volunteerhas carried out different activitieson regular basis throughout the academic year. Generally, meetings of NSS students/volunteers are held every week for the planning and execution of the different service programs. The aim and objectives of seven special NSS volunteer’sgroups are as mentioned below.


Its agenda was to take efforts to teach the children from nearby slum area with playful mind.To bring these children into the main flow of society, to improve their self-confidence meanwhile to bring out their hidden talents. To focus on the mental and physical development of the children.


As the name of the group suggests, it focuses on befriending the police. The group laboured to create a respect for the police and legal system in the minds of the youth and creating awareness and training about disaster managementin the society.


The aim of the group is to create a scientific temperament in the society. At least the students of our college should be curious to know the science behind the small things in our day to day life.


Group Aarogya works for creating awareness among the youth. This group creates awareness about the Blood Donation and Health related concepts and tells us the true meaning of “AarogyamDhansampada”.


This group studied different factors affecting our environment, eco-friendly lifestyle, attracted the attention of the society towards environmental problems, and offered suggestions.


Group Varasa preserves the various historical places and monuments by cleaning and visiting these places and creating awareness among the society.


The main motto of this group is to help the deprived class of society. To know the deprived class of the society in which we live and to make them strong emotionally as well as economically.

Special winter camp activities

The special winter campprogrammehas been organised in an adopted village of complete 8days and 150 students/ NSS volunteers has been participated every year. The mainly activities like shramsanskar, tree plantations, cleaning of drainage lines, maintenances and construction of roads, plastic-freevillagecampaign, presentations, talks/ lectures, economicalsurvey, cultural activities, free health check-up camp, watershed management, educational rallies,etc. are undertaken along with some special activitiesalso conducted consecutively three years in the same adopted village.Thus, the goal of the NSS scheme is to inculcate the bond of patriotism, national integration, brotherhood, communal harmony among these volunteersand spread it to the society.

Cleaning Village Activity in Pingori

Cultural Program

Health Checkup for Villagers

Construction of Bandha

NSS Program officers

  1. Dr. Ashish Yengantiwar
  2. Dr. Santosh Pharande
  3. Mrs. Deepa Kulkarni